Why Do I Need a Health Coach?

Healing and Making the Best Choices Require Both Knowledge and Intuition

Having a coach or a teacher is crucial to this work because the teacher can role model non-judgement and true unconditional acceptance.  Accepting our challenges allows us the grace and energy needed to make new better choices when we get another chance.  The teacher is a witness for the client so the client knows they will be held accountable and that someone is paying attention. .  


Our world has become increasingly toxic and not focussed on wellness.  This program will help you reset your standards for what “well” feels like and what “caring for yourself” looks like.


Any and all health concerns are valid.  If you are struggling with a physical symptom or even “just feel off” that is a message from you to you to make a change.  Your intuition is always the best guide.  

Our Process

Finding health and wellness requires looking at now and how we got here.  In order to curate the most personalized and impactful care plan we will do a deep dive with only acceptance and love.  Rebecca will review each of the following with you in depth as they related to your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness:

  • Assess your current wellness

How do you feel when you wake up, after eating, midday, etc? Are you able to feel feedback cues in response to lifestyle choices?  What messages are you getting that indicate your body or mind is asking for a change?

  • Assess current lifestyle choices

Bring awareness to the smallest decisions you make all day every day that have huge impacts on your overall well being.  Begin to assess why you made these choices from a place of respect and compassion towards yourself.  Understand what motivates you and guides your default actions.

  • Identify actionable, attainable micro goals

It is crucial to the success of the program that each goal be small and attainable.  This creates a  positive feedback loop of success.  

  • Assess progress and augment goals as your needs change

As you progress on the journey, your needs and desires will change and we will work together to create new goals, methods, and practices that will serve you on your healing journey.

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Health Coaching Explained

-1.5 hour initial assessment and goal setting after this session you will receive: 

  1. a personalized, actionable attainable care plan to support and simplify micro changes 

  2. goal and progress tracking journal

  3. personalized specific videos educating you on the body, healing and your power

  4. a health and wellness manual with specific techniques to assist on your journey

-8 weekly private 1 hr sessions tailored to your needs.  During these sessions we will:

  • assess and become aware of current health and wellness

  • identify successes and also new challenges

  • review goal progress and obstacles 

  • identify solution based micro-goals for the following week

  Cost: $1800 for 8 weeks of coaching and all support tools

All coaching is done with compassion and understanding that we are all doing our best and are continuously growing and evolving.  The practices and care plan are created with the person’s current active, busy, stressed, imperfect life because they need to be sustainable and not add to stress or anxiety levels.