Ever since she was a child, Rebecca knew she wanted to be a caregiver and help others attain, maintain and optimize their wellness.  She does this utilizing gentle but dedicated lifestyle rituals and tools that foster a sense of self-love and nourishment of the mind body and soul.


Rebecca became a registered nurse in 2005.  After 10 years of caring for patients in hospitals utilizing only western medicine, Rebecca began to search out other available methods.  

She saw the benefits of Yoga in her own body and mind and became a Registered Yoga teacher in 2016.  Through Yoga Rebecca was able to create systems for her clients to begin a journey of healing that was empowering to them so they can be responsible for their own healthcare choices.  Rebecca trained in teaching Kids Yoga with Pretzel Kids in 2019.  As of December 2020, Rebecca is an 800hr level 3 Yoga Teacher.


Rebecca is also a Reiki practitioner and utilizes her understanding of energetics to inform her healing practices and yoga.  She became Reiki level 1 and 2 certified in October of 2016.


There are so many wonderful styles of Yoga.  Rebecca teaches most of them depending on the needs of the students presented at the time.  This can include a fast flow power vinyasa, form focused Hatha class with static holds, restorative or yin yoga to recover, or a gentle viniyoga flow.


Teaching Yoga is seeing the student and holding space for them where they are today physically, emotionally and energetically, honoring their light.