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Mindful Yoga Flow

Prenatal Yoga

Postpartum Mommy and Me (6wks - Crawling)

Kids Yoga (3+ years)

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Yoga and Self-Reflection:
This is a series of 2 hour sessions:
-1hr physical Yoga practice: including meditation, breath work and asana movement personalized to your physical and energetic goals of the session and long term. 
-1hr discussion of Yogic philosophy utilizing a text chosen for your needs and your personal experiences to guide you to living your best life. 

We take the lessons from the mat, the text, and your experiences to unwrap patterns and programing you have defaulted to in the past.

This inner work will:
-empower you to love yourself
-stop internal chatter of self-doubt or criticism
-guide you to make the best choices for yourself in real time   -help you stay present and mindful in everyday life

$180 for 2 hr session 
8 - 2hr sessions for $1280 ($80/ hr) 

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