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Current Group Offerings

Yoga Classes

Practice and Education:  learning to listen to your body

Breaking down a pose into all the indivi

Please reach out to join a class, schedule a private session or a small group class:

Mindful Yoga Flow

Restorative Yoga

Gentle Yoga with Chairs

Chair Yoga 

Prenatal Yoga

Postpartum Mommy and Me (6wks - Crawling)

Kids Yoga (3+ years)

Practicing Yoga in a private setting allows the instructor to tailor the class to the student's needs for their physical and energetic body at the time of the practice.

8 Session Pack

once per week over 8 weeks $800

twice per week over 4 weeks $700

Kids Classes are 45 Minutes 

4 classes for $150 

First Time students can book 1 class to try it out for $112

Semi-privates include 2 people. There will be an additional $20 fee for each additional person in the class.

Use a strap to give biofeedback and adde

Class Descriptions

Mindful Yoga Flow is a vinyasa style class with attention given to form throughout.  Each students poses will look slightly different to meet their needs at the time and that may change within the class as you get warmed up or you reach muscle exhaustion. We will flow with intention and grace.  The class will be geared toward the needs of the students that day to include more movement or more stillness.

Gentle Yoga with Chairs is a class that provides support and modifications as needed to honor and support your body where it is today.  We use chairs, pillows, towels and items find around your house to scaffold the body and get the efforting or stretch from the part of the body that needs it with awareness and intention.  It is only when we decrease the amount of pushing and surrender into ourself as we are today that we can begin to relax, go inward and there by see progress.  When the body feels nourished so does the mind and you will find a new sense of inner peace and acceptance of the work around us.  This class is appropriate for all levels of practice.

Prenatal Yoga for those women that are pregnant and have an established movement practice.  The goal of this class is to establish a community of like minded women who are in similar stages of life.  We will use the movement practice to release tension, gain strength and prepare your body for labor and baby.

Postpartum Baby and Me Yoga is for moms and babies (6weeks old until crawling).  The class is a chance to bring your baby and also begin to move your body again and continue the healing that is required during the postpartum period.

Kids Yoga is a great way to allow your child to settle into themselves, find love for themself, and release some pent up energy.  As we move, the goal of the class is for the child to feel seen, feel self love and find tools to manage the difficulties of everyday life at a young age.  This class is appropriate for all kids 3 years and older but within each Kids Yoga class I ensure all kids are at similar developmental stages.


Yoga and Self-Reflection Program:

This is a series of 2 hour sessions:

-1hr physical Yoga practice: including meditation, breath work and asana movement personalized to your physical and energetic goals of the session and long term. 

-1hr discussion of Yogic philosophy utilizing a text chosen for your needs and your personal experiences to guide you to living your best life. We take the lessons from the mat, the text, and your experiences to unwrap patterns and programing you have defaulted to in the past.

This inner work will:

-empower you to love yourself-stop internal chatter of self-doubt or criticism

-guide you to make the best choices for yourself in real time   

-help you stay present and mindful in everyday life

$1600 for 8  2 hr sessions

Please click here to complete our waiver prior to your first meeting

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