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Do I Love Myself Enough?

The message I got growing up was "Don't worry about loving yourself. Focus your love and attention on others and it will come back around." But it never worked out that way for me.....

I always had these thoughts in my head wishing that the love I was getting from others would look different. I needed and yearned for more affection, more gestures and more time with loved ones in order to feel what I thought I needed.

Then I began doing inner work. I began watching myself and my thoughts. I began watching how I spoke to myself, how I cared for myself and how (or if) I loved myself.

I wouldn't talk to anyone or even have thoughts about anyone the way I spoke to and thought about myself. I was terribly hard on myself. I went back and forth between deprecation and flat out discouragement.

I began an exercise in which I would speak to myself (internally) the way I would speak to a stranger (forget about a loved one or a child) and even that was hard.

Slowly with dedication and regular effort I was able to change my internal dialogue to one of love and acceptance.

From there I made a point of performing ONE act of self love a day. This includes the smallest gestures (as it would if they were toward a beloved): getting socks when my feet were cold, doing what I wanted instead of what others wanted me to do, making a yummy cup of tea and drinking it slowly by the window, self massage in the shower, making your water infused with a flavor you enjoy, endless options.......

And then it dawned on me: I had been craving MY OWN LOVE the whole time.

It didn't matter how hard others tried or what they did it would have never been enough because I wasn't giving myself my love.

Does this speak to you? Do you crave more love?

The warmest love you can receive is your own!

I am looking for 3 women who want to feel more love and comfort in their skin. Do you want to learn how to use Yoga and Healthing to nourish, love and heal yourself?

Text the word "LOVE" to me if you want information about my 8 week group program where we will practice implementing Healthing techniques to your daily life to help you nourish, heal and LOVE yourself.




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