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How to Regulate your Nervous System

If we can stay aware of how we feel emotionally and physically, we begin to know quite quickly when we need a reset or a pause to shift back to balance.

The thing that makes this practice even more impactful - is not only will you be able to readjust to circumstances around you, you will model for others the ability to cause this shift consciously, and also model how to stay in your power even when you may not have chosen your current experience.

As always (at Root to Rise) we must take the WHOLE self into account when making any assessment or implementing any practice. Consider your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Begin by assessing how you feel.

Try to identify:

an emotion

where you feel it in the body

possibly what brought you here

What part of yourself is the loudest? or the hardest to access?

Use that information to flow through this decision tree:

Knowing that with awareness and appreciation of our internal AUTHENTIC power we can shift our feelings and overall state is invaluable and will fuel your journey on its own!

Enjoy the Journey! Smile at yourself and others - knowing we are all doing our best!

- Rebecca

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