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The Body is Made to Heal

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

The human body biggest task is to constantly come back to balance and heal itself. If we provide it with the appropriate environment it will use its own inherent wisdom to heal and create wellness, calm, peace and joy. So what is the "environment" it needs?

We must provide it:

  • the building blocks its needs to heal - nutrients through the food we eat and drink "FOOD is Medicine"

  • minimize stressors - this means decrease toxins that the body needs to remediate. Toxins are anything that the body ingests that don't nourish it or cannot be used by the body. These toxins are found in many products bought today wether household, beauty or wellness. Read Labels before buying anything. the fewer ingredients the better

  • Create a system to process and learn from life's experiences. All emotional encounters must be processed or they will create tension in your body until you do The Issues are in the tissues - this can be a movement practice or journaling daily but do not underestimate the impact your emotions have on your physical body

How do we support this at Root to Rise?

  • Teach you to hear your own feedback

  • model unconditional love for yourself and others

  • Give you the tools you need to find overall wellness

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