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Step 1:
$47 Master Class to learn foundational information

Empowering Yourself to Heal: A Master Class

Empowering Yourself to Heal: A Master Class

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This video is a guided meditation that will help you find stillness and hear from within yourself what you need next.  It will assist you in picking goals for yourself to allow for slow steady incremental change in your life.

Free Bonus: Guided Meditation - "Know what I need"

Step 2: Hold yourself accountable:

My Choices Matter: A Journal        $14.00

Not ready to jump in to coaching - DIY!

This journal is a great tool to guide you to your own authentic power and help you learn what you need, what your body is telling you and how to show up for yourself!


Improving the way you think about yourself, your circumstances, and your goals is the best way to change your experience.  Your thoughts, words and actions MATTER.  This journal will help you choose goals and find your inner authentic power.  If you prefer a nondescript cover we offer that here.


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