Empowering Yourself to Heal

Health and Wellness Coaching Programs

You and your choices are the biggest impacts of your health.  Healing and knowledge of YOUR BODY'S needs will not come from outside of yourself.  Rebecca will help you find the mindful awareness and ability to assess your own choices and their impacts to your health. The most important variables to your health that you should consider when trying to improve your overall wellness are: 

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Stress Release and Pain Relief

Chronic stress is one of the biggest risk factors to our overall wellness as a society today.  Everyone agrees stress is harmful but what are we to do about it?  The refrains:  “stop stressing” or “stay calm” somehow lead to increased stress.  Allow us to guide you through your own personalized methods to reduce stressors and release the impact they have on your physical well being.

Pain relief can be found in many ways.  The most common way we stop pain now is to dull the sensation, which is a message to us as caretakers of our body’s.  Let’s shift the goal to be receiving the messages sent by the body and responding with attention.


Decrease Inflammation and Improve Immunity 

Immunity is crucial to our well being.  We are constantly being exposed to new and different pathogens but a healthy immune system can ensure you are well without you even knowing you were exposed.  It protects us from external contagions but also internal cellular malfunctions that can also cause disease.  Supporting a healthy and active immune system is one of the most beneficial endeavors for our physical body. 

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Rest and Recharge

In our modern and busy world, even when it's time to sleep a lot of us have trouble shutting off the stimulation of the day or the lists of tasks we want to complete the following day.  It is crucial that we prepare our bodies and minds for sleep well in advance of bedtime and create consistent practices that support our bodies' innate intelligence.


The most important aspect of any change plan is the desire and dedication of the individual.  You have to want it.  Please be sure that you are willing to do the work.  There is no amount of information or guidance that can overcome lack of desire and effort.

All coaching is done with compassion and understanding that we are all doing our best and are continuously growing and evolving.  The practices and care plan are created with the person’s current active, busy, stressed, imperfect life because they need to be sustainable and not add to stress or anxiety levels.

In this live I discuss how the body speaks with you all the time so you know what you need and what you dont

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