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How do I know what my goals should be?

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Our philosophy is that with simple lifestyle choices you can obtain health. So why then does it feel so hard? Why are there people who want to find health but it alludes them?

The first step is truly believing that you have everything you need to heal. You have the knowledge and your body has the ability to do what it needs. This is a hard one because we are told so much that we need things, people, pills, treatments or else we are just on our way to disease....

And so we must start this step but accept that it wont be perfected while we need to continue on with the next steps. Keep working on the this while simultaneously beginning to try to hear from yourself.

The next step is to spend time listening to your deepest self. Find a quiet comfortable place and position. Be sure that you are supported and connected with the ground. Look for sensations around the body and try to name them. Don't judge yourself or the messages just see them for what they are. If you find a feeling that you don't like you will notice yourself sending distractions whether mental or physical -see if you can avoid being taken out of the discomfort. It's OK not to be OK. This is not easy.... give yourself time to learn this skill as you would any other. This is not something only some people can do...with time and practice you will hear from within yourself what you need and how to care for yourself.

When you hear something as simple as "my feet are cold" and go take action to remedy the situation- put on socks. The feedback from within yourself will then get louder because it is being heard and responded to. Imagine a child who repeatedly asks for story time and never gets it ... eventually they will stop asking because it hurts to be "rejected" (ie not get their story from the grown up that is supposed to care for them). You are your best care giver! No one knows what you need better than you! But that means you must show up for yourself so your body can tell you what you need.

I recorded a guided meditation to assist you to find quiet that allows you to settle and hear from yourself what you need. You can find it on youtube here.

Enjoy the time with yourself, getting to know yourself. If you had the chance to spend time with someone you loved, that you don't get to talk to all the time, you would be thrilled. This is that! Don't let anymore time pass without listening to YOU!

Love and Light,


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